anatomy of a workstation

This post is in response to a friend’s facebook post of his own workstation. That was already a few weeks back and I’ve been meaning to do my own version for the longest time… pero tinamaan ako ng katamaran e. sorry na.

home workstation setup

workstation vanity

Let’s Deconstruct this, shall we?

1. 21.5″ iMac mid 2010 series – my main workstation that I only recently finished paying (yey! :D)

2. 13″ Mid 2009 series – borrowed from my girlfriend (ha!) that I also use when I need to be mobile with the stuff I need to do.

macbook pro and the iMac

black and white keyboard

additional note: I use an issue of the Rogue Magazine to elevate my keyboard to avoid scratches from the wood table. That’s Angel Locsin’s hand that you’re seeing (from a badly photoshopped cover image)

3. My Spider-Man mug – this was a Christmas gift to me from the current Dean of a college in UP Diliman. She was addressing this gift to the inner child in me.

spider-man mug, apple magic mouse

spider sense is a-tingle!

4. Books I bought before I began my collection of downloaded book library. Ang mahal e. sorry naman.

5. Various versions of my thesis, a calendar, external hard drive, and my trusty old nokia phone.


my collection of abubots - the abubooks

6. Behind every good man is the better woman – Photos of the biggest inspiration in my life.

Bonus Items! Just because.

Doraemon stuffed toy. Yes, I bought this for myself.

doraemon stuffed toy

you're my doraemon to my nobita

CD-R King LCD cleaner. Because I cannot live without cleaning my stuff.

cd-r king lens cleaner

cd-r king lens cleaner: it saves you from the evils of dust



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