It’s been a while since I was able to write something – anything – lately. I guess I owe it all to the countless hours I’ve been wasting watching all those geeks and nerds, high schoolers singing and dancing (I admit that this is a guilty pleasure for me), talking toys, armored billionaires, and Hollywood star wannabes. All these, apart from being so stuck up at work have rendered me social life free, with the exception of facebook and this blog site being the closest semblance to outside world communication.
I have lots of friends, and they’re all online.

I used to say that to mock a lot of people I found before who were so hooked up on social networking sites, all those mafia wars and farmvilles and café worlds, not realizing that I would be a part of this group after just a few weeks. Damn.

For me, it was the feeling control, even for just momentary, that attracted me to indulge myself in these make believe worlds. It was simple: sign up, log in, then run your own café or grow your plants and have your dairy and stuff. Plants won’t grow properly if you don’t want to, customers can’t poop or pee if you remove your toilet (actually, the fact that I can make “friends” do number two in an open area beside other “friends” without them complaining was something I found hilarious – and I found myself pathetic later after realizing that I was actually enjoying these things). It was addicting, the idea and feeling of this control, up until I lost control of myself and started spending less time in the real world.

I realized that people would go home early or find an available computer rental shop just because it was harvest time, or the food they cooked would spoil if not served at a certain time. People, including me, have been brainwashed. And we liked it. It was a place where we could all escape to, yet it was a prison in its own wicked way.

A few system errors and an almost broken down hard drive later, I was free. My computer gave up on me, and I was suddenly stricken by the shit of it all. One reformatted system and here I am, ranting about it. I’m guessing by now that you’ve realized the irony of how the Internet and all its social networking bullshit is affecting some people’s actual social life, yet still writing about it as a blog entry. It’s a cycle, and it’s vicious.

Well, you try waiting for another 3 hours alone at a coffee shop with a newly reformatted laptop. And it’s a Saturday morning. Almost everybody I know got drunk last night and is still asleep, so I can’t actually call or text anyone I consider friends. I might end up being shouted at with a couple of “Ina mo” on the side. I’ve got just enough cash to pay for my parking fee, so I can’t buy anything. And I don’t have any installed games. So I just sit here at the farthest corner of Starbucks and pretend that I’m busy doing some rush work with my computer and can’t be interrupted. I have to look sophisticated enough so that the guards won’t shoo me away. I even stole an empty cup of coffee and placed it as props on my table.

Two hours in and they still don’t suspect anything. (insert evil laugh here).

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